The Abutment Okweld, intended for use with an intraoral weld, is composed of two parts, a static component and a dynamic one.
The dynamic component includes two opposed titanium bars, integral parts of the abutment.
The static component has a through hole and it is rigidly associated with a straight or angled conical connection through a screw.
The dynamic component is associated with the static component through mechanical interference according to the “Cono-Morse” connection principle.

Once the two components are permanently associated, the conical connection can be activated, with a slight pressure on the dynamic component on the static one.
It will thus be possible to splint through the use of the intraoral welding unit by joining the bar with one or more static components screwed on the adjacent conical connections with the greatest ease.

Directions for use:

  • Realization of a provisional/definitive framework welded on multiple elements.
  • Ideal for immediate and/or delayed loading

Okweld abutments are suitable for the production of dental fittings in composite resin or monolithic resin. The Abutments are supplied non-sterile, can be sterilized, and are single-use. To ensure a perfect connection, apply a screw tightening torque between 15 and 25 Nmc depending on the manufacturer’s specifications for the conical connection.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Excellent results thanks to the ease of use of evOKare innovative methodic.
  • It is possible to create extremely hard framework rigs, because it is realized directly into the mouth of the patient.
  • Significant cost reductions thanks to the direct design of the titanium framework in the dental clinic.
  • Avoid “sparking” during welding.
  • The dynamic component of Okweld, made of titanium grade 2, allows quick and easy modeling of the bars directly in the oral cavity.
  • It is possible to extract the dynamic component for a futher modeling outside the oral cavity. Once you have repositioned the dynamic component on the static one you will always find the right position.
  • It is possible to rotate the dynamic component on the static one to allow you to find the right position of the bar.
  • The static component is made of titanium grade 5 with excellent mechanical properties such as hardness, strength and resilience.
  • Good biological compatibility.
  • High resistance to the forces produced by the chewing load.
  • Exceptional passivation and resistance to acid and base attacks.
  • It can be sterilized without causing alteration of mechanical or biocompatibility properties.
  • Excellent radiopacity.

The high quality of evOKare products meets the strictest international standards. EvOKare products are approved for distribution and CE marking according to European Council Directives 93/42 / EEC and Amendment 2007/47 / EEC.

** All components can be ordered separately




*The video-clips were made using prototype products subject to change


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