OKsplint  Abutments are designed for use with resinous cement, consists of two types of abutment:

  1. A primary abutment, made by a dynamic component comprising two opposed titanium bars integral with the abutment and a static component, which provides a through hole that allows the connection to a straight or angled conical connection through a screw. The dynamic component is associated with the static component by mechanical interference according to the principle of “Cono-Morse”.
  2. A secondary abutment carrying two wings designed to accommodate the bars of the dynamic component described above and which is associated to a straight or angled conical connection through a screw.

The titanium bar of the dynamic component can be connected to a secondary abutment, without resorting to an intraoral welding, but simply using dedicated resinous cement (for metal) that causes the rigid connection between the two elements. In this way, a rigid framework can be released which can be disengaged from the conical connections by unscrewing the screws.

Directions for use:

  • Realization of temporary/definitive metal Framework on multiple elements
  • Ideal with immediate or delayed loading technique
  • The OKsplint abutments are suitable for the production of dental fittings in, r composite resin or monolithic resin. The Abutmentsy are supplied non-sterile, can be sterilized, and are single-use. To ensure a perfect connection, apply a screw tightening torque between 15 and 25 Nmc depending on the manufacturer’s specifications for the conical connection.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Excellent results thanks to the ease of use of rvOKare methodic.
  • The dynamic component of Oksplint, made of titanium grade 2, allows easy and quick modeling directly into the oral cavity.
  • It is possible to create extremely hard framework rigs because it is made directly in the mouth of the patient.
  • Significant cost reductions thanks to the direct design of the titanium framework in the dental clinic.
  • The static abutment and the one with the fin are made of titanium grade 5 with excellent mechanical properties such as hardness, strength and resilience.
  • High resistance to the forces produced by the chewing load.
  • Exceptional chemical resistance.
  • It can be sterilized without causing alteration of mechanical properties or biocompatibility.
  • Excellent radiopacity.

The high quality of evOKare products meets the strictest international standards. EvOKare products are approved for distribution and CE marking according to European Council Directives 93/42 / EEC and Amendment 2007/47 / EEC. evOKare engineers and produces all of its products in Italy with the utmost care in the research of the materials used.

** Components can be ordered separately




*The video-clips were made using prototype products subject to change


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