Who we are

evOKare is a startup founded in 2015 by experts from different fields that aims at the international market as a supplier of components and innovative dental methods. From the different experiences of the founding members that takes shape evOKare project.


evOKare is a project designed to simplify and make safer the “Life experience “of all those who come into contact with the dentistry field , from dentist to patient. Ours is an anthropocentric view: the importance of the individual is reflected concerning the business aims.. And ‘This is the added value that It distinguishes those who sell a product by those who offer solutions. We wanted to express the centrality of human also through our Logo where the human side of service becomes the protagonist through a graphic game that identifies the “heart evOKare.


evOKare studying solutions and innovative methods in the dentistry field. Our mission is to simplify the work in the sector and how we get to offer the market. Our solutions can be depicted in the following format:

  1. Analysis of the problem
  2. evOKare research on methodology or innovative product
  3. Check with studies of sector experts
  4. experts of the field coaching clients