Evokare has engineered, patented (click here to view the patent ) and manufactured a series of abutment for implant use.
OKeasy has been created to resolve problems and overcome the limitations of current technical methods, with the aim of facilitating implant splinting, either via intra oral welding or through the use of cement. Our abutment can also be used with both immediate and delayed loading techniques.

for dentists who use intra oral weld methodic

The OKweld product range is dedicated to dentists who use endo oral welding when making dental implants.for dentists who use intraoral welding

for dentists who don’t use intra oral weld methodic

The OKsplint product range is dedicated to the creation of dental implants without employing intra oral welding.

The revolution
in the world of dental implantology

The advantages

Prosthetic devices, made with OKeasy products, make implant splinting easier, more accurate and more durable.
The benefits of making implants with our products, with or without the use of intra oral welding, are as follows:

you can obtain a system of rigid connections between end osseous dental implants and their neighbours, which prevents the macro movements that hinder osteo integration of the end osseous screws.
the titanium bars can be brought into the correct position for intra-oral welding or joining with cement just by fixing the dynamic component to the corresponding static component on each individual stump.
the risk of an accident, or at very least the discomfort of using intra oral welding inside a patient’s mouth are minimised.
the process of constructing the rigid prosthetic connections can be carried out by a dentist in quick, easy steps.

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